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P2P Finance

Innovation to the DeFi industry is tradition when the first DeFi ecosystem gets introduced on a blockchain. P2P Finance honors that tradition for the Cardano blockchain. The Cardano community is excited more than ever now it’s close to entering the Goguen phase with the Alonzo hardfork.

Our vision is to be the first DeFi Ecosystem on the Cardano blockchain, offering the known DeFi features and introduce innovational passive income opportunities to the P2P Finance community.

P2P Finance offers multiple opportunities for users to earn a passive income by combining the most rewarding DeFi features.
Staking: Up to 30% APR.
Farming: Stake your Liquidity Points to earn a share of the reward pool.
DAO: Take the required amount and claim your DAO title to boost your passive earnings.
Lending: Feed margin requests on P2Pswap and earn up to 2% daily.
Affiliate Program: Affiliate network and address milestones to incentivize growth and activity.


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