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PIGY Token

PIGY Token—which was built on the Cardano crypto-currency blockchain—is currently being distributed by SPO as special rewards to delegators. PIGY Token strengthens the Cardano ecosystem by supporting the delegators to the smaller stake pools that are the backbone of decentralization and integrity.

Cardano is a crypto-currency project that was launched in 2015 in a bid to revise the process through which cryptocurrencies were produced and developed. The big idea, which is beyond just changing the way cryptocurrencies are produced, is to create a better, more conducive ecosystem in the cryptocurrency world through a comprehensive roadmap, a collection of thorough design principles, engineering best practices and avenues for exploration that better account for the needs of its users. There are around 2,600 Stake Pool Operators right now. Over 30% of these operators have never minted a single block, which translates to about 1,000 of them. Cardano Foundation and IOG are currently doing their best to ensure the operators of small pools survive, but they only have a limited amount of resources. We as a community can help these blockless stake pools by giving incentives so the delegators are willing to move around to a smaller pool and keep moving around the pools so that it will help the small pools survive.

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