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Revuto helps people manage and pay for their subscriptions by leveraging crypto and DeFi services. The end goal is to help users manage their subscriptions, avoid free-trial traps, and save money by paying less than they would with fiat money. The market is vast because, on average, we all use and pay for at least 2-3 subscriptions every month. As the subscription economy is growing by 100% year over year, we’ll spend even more money on subscriptions in the future and lose cash on subscriptions we don’t use and/or forget about. More importantly, with Revuto dApp and by staking REVU in liquidity pools, Revuto users will be able to provide liquidity to other Revuto users on the subscription due date(s) and make their money work for them (earn yield).

Revuto vows to make the “Are you sure you want to unsubscribe?” line a thing of the past. No one would be jumping through all the hoops and hurdles to unsubscribe if they weren’t already sure. We built Revuto because we recognize and empathize with the problem. Managing a dozen subscriptions shouldn’t take the time of a part-time job, and there’s absolutely no reason unsubscribing should take more than a single click.

Data shows that today’s millennials would much rather subscribe to Spotify orNetflix than purchase a single album or a movie. The subscription model allows them to test a product and use a service without fully committing and paying the full price upfront.

However, while this rising trend has undoubtedly been net-beneficial for both businesses and customers, it also has certain downsides. Free trials with cumbersome cancelation policies produce unnecessary recurring losses, and managing and paying for dozens of subscription services each month results in consumer fatigue. As subscriptions grow by 100% year on year, we’re confident they’re here to stay and become an integral part of everyone’s life.

Revuto’s place in this growing economy is to filter signals from noise and offer customers a clean and pleasant subscription management experience. We believe that no one should ever again be charged for subscriptions they no longer want or use, and we have made it our primary goal to make that happen.

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