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What’s your perfect social network look like & what features do you want? How about – privacy & data control, ad-revenue share up to 80%, content & curation rewards, cross posting to other networks and multiple crypto rewards?! Sign up free and start earning from your valuable content and time spent on social media.

SoMee’s mobile apps streamline the user experience and allow you to be social & earn rewards on the go! The SoMee IOS & Android apps employ top security protocols and include multiple two-factor authentication security standards for safe use. Start earning from your content…Search in the app store or click below to download the app today!

SoMee utilizes blockchain technology to track, manage and pay rewards directly inside your wallet! Each person using SoMee receives daily payments for content and curation (up voting) rewards directly inside of their SoMee wallet.

The SoMee wallet puts you in control of your private keys (very important) and includes an in-wallet token exchange with over 100 ERC-20 tokens, including ability to swap directly for Ethereum!

Two-factor authentication is added for enhanced security and an address book and downloadable transaction list provide a simplified wallet experience with detailed record keeping.

The new standard for social media – privacy, content control, and security – all yours, in one simple, easy to use platform. Plus, earn while you post, can’t get better than that!


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