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Block explorers are one of the most important utilities in the blockchain ecosystem. These tools give users the much-needed visibility and access to real-time data within blockchain networks. When it comes to Cardano, there are several blockchain explorers that stake pool operators and ADA holders can use to access blockchain-related information.

AdaStat is a fully-fledged Cardano network explorer developed by active members of the Russian-speaking Cardano community as an independent alternative to existing explorers of the network developers. The distinctive feature of AdaStat is availability not only to find blocks, transactions, pools, addresses, accounts, epochs, slots, but also, at the same time, to browse the full pools and accounts history: active epochs, created blocks, delegations, rewards, and much more important information. All this gives to ada holders the opportunity to maximize their profits by choosing the best pool for delegation, and to pool operators – the possibility to analyze their own and other pools data and build the right pool strategy.

AdaStat is a completely independent project and doesn’t have any financial revenue.


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