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Product Description

BingoChain with its accompanying BingoToken will aim to disrupt the Bingo gaming sector by providing a way to play for real value (even real money) without the gamer risking any of their own money. By incentivizing both the caller (organizer) and players with BingoTokens we aim to get callers to put real money into their games.

– Callers and Winners will get one BingoToken for each player in their game.

– Normal players who don’t win will get a single BingoToken for each card they play in the game.

– Players can acquire more cards to play by inviting friends to join.

– Players can start games with more cards to play by keeping more BingoTokens in their linked wallet.

So, as BingoToken is distributed more widely and as its adoption and value grows, callers will be incentivized to put more value (ADA or USD) on the line to attract more players and in turn get more BingoTokens as a result.

Players will have the thrill of competing for real value and our system is built to encourage community engagement by allowing callers to choose any type of meeting to call the game: Zoom, Google Meet, Twitch, Facebook, Teams etc.


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