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Cardano Skate Club

Cardano Skate Club


Product Description

Hello skaters! We would like to introduce to you Cardano Skate Club. A group of NFT collections based on Cardano blockchain. Each season has its own special use case, all of which will be a part of our final version of the project. We plan on releasing multiple NFT seasons all within the theme of skateboarding. The NFTs are all created with Unreal Engine, so the visual quality of each NFT is high. All traits are carefully thought out and designed with skateboard culture in mind. Traits and their variables fit together to accommodate the final look of the NFT and video game at the end.

After being some time in the crypto industry and investing in a couple of projects and other blockchains, we have decided on building our vision on Cardano blockchain. We see a bright future for the ecosystem, with many dapps and NFT projects coming out in the recent past. One of the deciding factors was complete smart contract capabilities and the experience our developers have with Cardano. We are aware of many challenges that may come in time with finishing our project but we are certain that we will be able to carry it out, with your help and the help of other crypto believers.

The first season in our universe will be evolved around skateboards. We have put a lot of effort and thought into creating the prototype and eventually creating the final look of the collection. The first thing that pops into your mind when thinking of skateboarding it’s the cool design and general shape of the board. That’s why we put the emphasis on those two traits as being the iconic look of our project. The skateboard culture is diverse and evolving, just like crypto, so we tried combining everybody’s taste and style with this unique and special NFT collection.


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