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Product Description

CardWallet is the next step in the global DeFi revolution, introducing unseen utility to its users. CardWallet is a Cardano non-custodial wallet that incorporates a DEX, DAO, incredible staking benefits and much more. All that within the grasp of your fingers, on virtually any Android or iOS device. With access to four blockchains—BTC, ETH, ADA, BSC and fiat on and off ramps – it will enable users a one-stop for all their crypto needs. CardWallet’s DAO will be powered by CardWallet’s native token CW which will enable governance of the project by the users. Stakers of CW tokens will receive benefits such as access to the zero fee swap engine, yield farming optimization, access to a physical card, ADA cashbacks, native ADA delegations and bonuses on ADA delegation. The project will implement, upon the release of the token, a burn policy which means the CW token supply will be deflationary. The policy is to use 25 % of the project’s revenue to buy CW tokens on the open market and burn them.

CardWallet will be one of the first Cardano non-custodial wallets coming to the crypto sphere, ready to rock the market and provide its users with unseen utility and functionality. CardWallet will have a combination of capabilities which no other wallet currently has to date — either custodial or non-custodial.

This cutting-edge wallet will provide its users with a one-stop for all their crypto needs. From storage, exchange, and trading of Cardano native tokens, staking and delegation, to liquidity mining and beyond, CardWallet will provide every feature that Cardano users require. It also enables interoperability between major DeFi chains simultaneously; alongside novel governance mechanisms and rewards for participating in the CardWallet ecosystem.

All that paired with top security, ensured by open source code for all users and experts to evaluate and scrutinize.

Users will enjoy access to centralized and decentralized execution venues and optimized execution quality for swap functionality, native ADA staking and delegation, cross-chain swap capabilities for hundreds of assets across major layer-1 networks, and eventually a pure DAO governance framework. CardWallet’s governance benefits from participating in the CardWallet community will be handled via the CW utility token. All one needs to do is stake the token and vote.

Along with the CW token, CardWallet will support a wide range of tokens across four different blockchains, as well as capabilities for storage and trading of NFTs from both the Cardano and Ethereum blockchains.

The MVP will also include a liquidity engine that will enable cross-chain swap functionality.The zero-fee swap engine will allow large stakers of CardWallet tokens to swap their crypto assets for 0% fee. Other benefits of staking CardWallet utility tokens will include: access to a physical card issuance, ADA cashbacks, yield farming optimization, governance participation token rewards, token airdrops, and the ability to decide on CardWallet’s future.

CardWallet’s expert team has created tailor-made analytics for the expanding DeFi markets — which are integrated perfectly into the user interface. Users can expect an intuitive design, easy access with PIN and biometric authentication, and lightning-fast fiat to crypto transactions — aggregated across major FIAT on/off-ramp providers to arrive at minimal transaction fees.

All these utilities, together with the state of the art UI developed by world-class UI experts ensure that CardWallet will be beneficial both to the crypto newbie and the crypto expert.

The CardWallet ecosystem will reward individuals based on a wide array of metrics, for example — participating in debates, staking CardWallet tokens, referring new users, voting on new proposals, proposing formal actionable improvements, and benefits to the individual’s trading volume on CardWallet.

These rewards can become substantial if an individual has significantly contributed to the development of the CardWallet ecosystem.

The ecosystem will also award the community itself according to a different set of metrics.


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