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Crypto Heroez

Crypto Heroez


Product Description

Cardano NFT project that features heroes of the blockchains. It’s a tribute to great people of the cryptospace. It’s not NFT project only, it has also an educational part. It’s purpose is also to introduce people newcomers should know. There is a website with information about the heroes to help newcomers with brief info and links where you can dig deeper.

NFT’s are not randomly generated, they are all hand-drawn! Some of Heroes have special variations. Variations are not just random gadgets, everything makes some sense. Try to find out what each variant means!

Crypto Heroez aren’t NFT only project. We’d like to continue with building information rich website about people in the cryptospace. There are a lot of them that deserves listing in Crypto Heroez. Like more crypto-project founders, influencers, youtubers. They will be added in the future series, the most likely as a common cards and to preserve fibonacci sequence of amount of card for each rarity level, it could exists 13 common cards in the future.

The plan is also to have an unique way of presenting your crypto heroez collection. And even with other NFTs in your collection. Stay tuned 🙂 This will be a project that connects cryptospace and games.


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