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Product Description

From the market infrastructure perspective, deFIRE captures the middle of the
order execution value chain, i.e. deFIRE is the value-generating middleman
between those who seek execution and those who provide facilities for this execution to happen. The nature of value dynamics within this ecosystem flows
from order flow originators to execution venues as it is up to the trading agents
where they choose to send their order flow 1
. deFIRE algorithmically optimizes
this selection procedure, bringing market efficiency to the wider DeFi ecosystem
within given layer-1 networks.
The discussion above has focused on the preliminary view of the deFIRE
tokenomics. deFIRE value offering is wider than that. We plan on deploying
a game-changing DEX in the coming months. The actual parameters will be
defined and calibrated in a series of blog posts that will come out as we set
these parameters in stone in our smart contracts. This, however, is subject to
change as we move towards decentralizing the governance of our DeFi ecosystem
by introducing the deFIRE DAO, where the community of CWAP stakers will
be able to introduce proposals for changing system parameters and vote upon
them. More details on this will be provided as our products are released on the


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