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Drunken Dragon Games

Drunken Dragon Games


Product Description

We are making a fantasy tavern management game with collectible furniture and adventurers which can be traded with friends!

Pixel Tiles are collectible and tradable tokens (FTs) that live on the Cardano Blockchain. They represent adventurers that you will send into epic quests, and furniture that you will use to decorate and expand your Inn & Tavern.

10,000 unique looking adventurers made exclusively to reward our early supporters. They will have the same functionality as Pixel Tile Adventurers, with additional balanced advantages.

Is this a ‘play to earn’ game?
Our definition of play to earn is: Any player can earn the same or similar crypto collectables that you would usually get through purchasing packs by progressing through the game.

Is this game pay to win?
No, the purchased collectables give no unbalanced advantage. The reasons to buy collectables are collecting, vanity/aesthetics, and obtaining a good variety of fun alternative strategies.


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