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Product Description

Kube, powering is a Decentralized DeFi Tokenproviding a high utility layer to our Kube System. It can be used on our platforms and acts as a reward for loyal customers and promoters over time. The long-term target is to become the major currency in the leisure and travel industry.

The first idea was to use it just as a Marketing tool to increase consumer loyalty and help promoters/influencers to spread the concept through our community and attract new users. We realized it’s much more than that. Kube is the basis to directly connect our platforms with our users. The long term goal is to revolutionize the leisure and travel industries and become the sole currency through our multi-brand platforms and partners.

The model is based on, maximising scalability and profitability in the medium-longterm, via the mechanism of : leveraging resources, significantly reducing management and operating costs and maximizing the global expansion through centralizing the technology. Everything through the Kube System, a strong technology implemented to connect and automatize the processes of our business lines and partners platforms.

The secret to avoiding the stagnation situation is to create brands that operate indifferent markets with different lines of business: travel, restaurants, gift boxes, experiences, leisure, nightlife and much more. Kube, together with the Kube System are the major utilities that support the engine.


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