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MoonRock NFT

MoonRock NFT


Product Description

MoonRock is an NFT project of 1815 unique crypto moon rocks on the Cardano blockchain.

These moon rocks are not just rocks, they are not just NFTs.

Each moon rock has some elementary traits similar to an actual moon or planet or a celestial body in outer space. These traits may include elements, atmosphere, etc. A rock may contain elements such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, Iron, Mercury. Atmosphere such as Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen ( final traits will be disclosed along with the NFTs on the website). The combination of these traits will make your moon rock more valuable than the others. The more valuable the moon rock, higher the rewards you will receive. Moonrock will fall in one of the following rarities- 1. Common 2. Rare 3. Super 4. Ultra There is one more rarity type, we wish we can talk about it now but mostly it will show up only during the release. Those are very rare you may see them only once in a blue moon.

The reward generation will happen in more than one way depending on the type of rock that you hold. Please keep in mind that not all rocks will be able to generate rewards directly ( ie. by mining the rocks), for other rocks there will be other ways to reap rewards ( these will be community rewards/airdrops which may be valued more by other rock holders, hence may be more rewarding than direct rewards). This will depend on the rarity of the Moon Rock. More details will be announced about this as we get closer to the reward distribution phase. We don’t want to disclose all the details ATM, there are too many copycats out there. Rewards will be distributed through smart contracts either on Plutus or in the meantime if Milkomeda (side chain for Cardano) is released, we may also consider using Solidity.


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