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Product Description

Get Paid to Play
The free-to-play way to earn more from your gaming experience. Profit from gameplay performance and virtual creations.

Earn PMX by competing for eliminations in Fortnite Battle Royale for free. Use PMX to mint and trade virtual creations that are backed by blockchain tech for scarcity, ownership, and automated secondary markets.

Sell your creations and build communities.
Mint items like skins, art, property, tickets, and memberships on the blockchain. Minted items can be used in-game and moved across various platforms. The blockchain assigns property rights, scarcity, and other attributes to items in a way that merges the virtual economy with the physical. Come build the metaverse economy!

Blockchain technology allows minted items to be traded player-to-player without brokers in the middle. Fraud is removed from the market in an automated way as all minted items are authenticated on the blockchain. This allows for a far more seamless virtual economy that improves the experience for players and creators.



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